Mixed Media, 16×31.5 cm, 2019

No two individual perceive and experience colors, forms, and shape exactly the same. We use linguistic conventions to reduce this broad spectrum of sensory perceptions into words. Nevertheless, not only what people see with their physical eyes is unique, this notion can also be extended to more abstract forms of seeing, such as ideas, viewpoints, and interpretations. One might say that we have a third eye, our actual eyes, that sees the world beyond the limitation of sensory perceptions and language.

This collection is a window to my real eye and how I perceive the world before it becomes homogenized within societal agreements. Using traditional fabrics collaged onto monoprints, I depicted how I see people and my surroundings. Then, by using rapidograph pens, watercolor pencils, and watercolor pastels, I brought the pieces closer to my perception of the world.