Clay & Plastic & Polyester Thread, 40×40×5 cm, 2022

As a ceramist, I was always intrigued by this notion of Omar Khayyam (a Persian poet, mathematician, and astronomer): There is a cyclic relationship between humans, clay, and pottery. Human, while alive, create pottery; after death, their body is decomposed into dust; the dust, in turn, will be shaped into clay and pottery by future humans. To reflect this notion in this week’s medium, I made unglazed Biscuit pottery in its most primitive form to assemble with the human figurines.

Another reflection that contributed to this work was that beyond the life and death cycle, we happen to share the time of being alive with a set of other human beings. The result of this accidental overlapping existence (in terms of time and location) is the texture of society. No matter how different we are or how we live in our personal space, we form bonds with other humans. These bonds culminate together to form a society: a delicate collective representation of unique humans.