Mixed Media, 14.5×22 cm, 2022

As effective way to cope with anxiety is to adopt a personalized approach. The aim of making this collection was “not to think”, and also to absolutely improvise and to be creative in the moment. I did the collaged portraits with free hand movement and without looking at the paper. Being free and not exposed to inner judgments and predispositions helped me illustrate my subconscious and reveal layers of which I was unaware. For example, during my childhood, my mother worked as a tailor. Now, I find stitching with threads and needles on paper very soothing. Using nets is another example. I subconsciously made fishing nets that seem to be capturing the portraits, across the Void.

As I stated earlier, I placed the emphasis on the process rather than the outcome. During the journey, I witnessed changes in my approach, implemented techniques and performance.